Key Activities

ESTex specializes in providing support in environmental management, chemical management, water and energy management, waste management, carbon and water footprint assessments, health and safety compliance, and worker productivity, especially in the textile and leather sectors. Our services include resource use planning, management, and auditing, with a focus on promoting sustainable practices. We help assessing greenhouse gas emissions (Scopes 1, 2, 3) and develop policy and environmental impact assessment procedures for organizations. ESTex conducts assessing and monitoring activities to ensure compliance and offers a comprehensive training plan for management and operators in sustainable practices.


Assistance in developing environment management systems aligning with international standards

  • Conducting studies, analysis, planning, and implementation of environmental management systems in compliance with local and international standard requirements.
  • Experimenting with new approaches to management systems with a particular focus on indirect safety and environmental aspects.
  • Planning and implementation of safety management system in accordance with national standards or international standards.
  • Planning and refining processes for achieving environmental product certification.
  • Planning and implementing social responsibility management systems in compliance with international standards.
  • Planning management systems for Asset Integrity and the Process Safety of manufacturing plants.

Health and safety compliance

  • Implementation and maintenance of health and safety management systems
  • Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Management System
  • Conducting health and safety regulatory compliance audits
  • Assessing health and safety management systems
  • Assisting during audit certification with third parties
  • Technical and legal advice on the application of health and safety regulations
  • Editing and updating risk assessment reports
  • Preparation of prevention and protection measures
  • Reviewing and updating the safety management system (SGS) related to plants including relevant accident risks
  • Drafting of emergency plans

Technical Assistance

Assistance in solving critical problems for manufacturers and individual entities

Environmental management systems
ESTex conducts gap assessments, develops environmental policies and procedures, sets environmental goals and targets, and establishes monitoring and reporting mechanisms.

Chemical Management
ESTex aims to help companies effectively manage chemicals in their operations, reduce risk, ensure compliance with regulations, and promote sustainable chemical management practices that protect the environment, health, and safety of workers and communities.

Sustainability assessments and audits
ESTex can conduct comprehensive sustainability assessments and audits of textile companies’ operations, processes, and supply chains to identify environmental and social risks, opportunities, and areas for improvement.

Green technology and innovation
ESTex can provide expertise on green technologies and innovations that can help textile companies reduce their environmental footprint.

Training & Workshop
Conducting training programs based on the specific needs of the industry. ESTex enhances its training modules and develops training modules for industry professionals.

Energy Management: planning, management, auditing and promotion of sustainable energy sources

  • Conducting energy audits, diagnosis, and feasibility studies for buildings, plants, and manufacturing processes.
  • Analyzing, planning, and developing energy management systems.
  • Technical assistance for technology assessment and for technological transfer.
  • Drafting Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) according to EU Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU).
  • Feasibility studies for activities related to enhancing production efficiency and energy use.
  • Implementing high energy efficiency solutions.
  • Implementing high energy efficiency solutions.
  • Analysis of possible interventions to promote rational energy use and identify industrial solutions.
  • Analysis of possible interventions to promote rational energy use and identify industrial solutions.
  • Assistance in interpreting environmental and energy legislation.
  • Assistance in interpreting environmental and energy legislation.
  • Implementing high energy efficiency solutions.

Greenhouse gas emission management

  • Quantification of greenhouse gas emissions as per international guidelines like ISO 14064-1-2, GHG Protocol Guidance, Kyoto Protocol, Higg Index
  • Assistance in achieving carbon credits
  • Technical assistance in the preparation of carbon action plans in accordance with the carbon neutral approach that aims to reduce emissions in order to offset them
  • Developing carbon management systems and fully integrating them with pre-existing management processes


Baseline Assessments of Local Textile Industries in Bangladesh
ESTex conducts baseline assessments of resource consumption for local industries in Bangladesh. The assessments identify, quantify and evaluate the existing resource management scenario of the local factories and help determining targets and associated action plans to achieve reduction in resource consumption and increase efficiency.

Development of Chemical Management System
ESTex is developing a holistic chemical management system for local industries in Bangladesh. The chemical management system will identify key gaps in the existing chemical management system, modify the existing sources towards compliant chemical management, and evaluate relevant operational expenses and future expansion opportunities.

Auditing and Monitoring Activities

  • Preparing system tools for monitoring, training, and auditing activities
  • Conducting first and second-party audits, regarding the environment, safety, quality, and social responsibility, together with auditors and team leaders with consolidated and highly-qualified experience
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