About ESTex

ESTex Foundation is a spin-off organization which specializes in research, training and consultancy work focusing on industrial sustainability and environmental management of textile, leather, pharmaceuticals, food and relevant sectors. ESTex is an independent organization working with renowned international and local development organizations, donors, brands and industries. ESTex International Limited was formed as the sister concern of ESTex Foundation to facilitate commercial services to third parties.

ESTex started its journey as an EU donor-funded research cell of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in May 2018 to foster “Environmental Sustainability through Enhancing Local Capacity in Textile Chemical and Waste Management”. As a commitment to international donors to retain institutional knowledge and to continue contributing to the field of industrial sustainability, ESTex flourished as an independent entity starting in 2022.

ESTex Foundation is founded by renowned professionals from research, academia, development sector and industries with strong expertise in chemical management, environmental management, process management, energy management, human resource management, sustainability evaluation, occupational health and safety (OHS), research and innovation, and assistance to public administrations to implement environmental and safety management systems, and sustainable quality development. Based on its technical-scientific expertise, ESTex provides qualified interdisciplinary services to address complex issues of sustainability in 360°.


Fostering environmental sustainability, resource optimization, workplace compliance and technological advancement in industries to excel in the fourth industrial revolution.


  • to promote environmental sustainability and workplace compliance in industries.
  • to help industries reduce ecological footprint through process and resource optimization.
  • to build a sustainable and thriving industrial network in Bangladesh.
  • to foster industries achieving sustainability development goals (SDGs) (especially 6, 9, 12, 13, 17).
  • to facilitate industries excel in the fourth industrial revolution.

Our Sustainability Commitment

ESTex is an industrial sustainability-propelling foundation in Bangladesh. It focuses on developing real-time and result-oriented engineering and economic solutions to ensure the sustainable growth of industries. The organization is actively engaged in research and development activities that are working against climate change, paving the way for a greener and more peaceful environment, fostering a paradigm shift in the industrial sector, eliminating hazardous systems that threaten our environment, and contributing to addressing public health issues in industries of Bangladesh.

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