ESTex Foundation is a spin-off organization which specializes in research, training and consultancy work focusing on industrial sustainability and environmental management of textile, leather, pharmaceuticals, food and relevant sectors. ESTex is an independent organization working with renowned international and local development organizations, donors, brands and industries.

ESTex Foundation is founded by renowned professionals from research, academia, development sector and industries with strong expertise in chemical management, environmental management, process management, energy management, human resource management, sustainability evaluation, occupational health and safety (OHS), research and innovation, and assistance to public administrations to implement environmental and safety management systems, and sustainable quality development. Based on its technical-scientific expertise, ESTex provides qualified interdisciplinary services to address complex issues of sustainability in 360°.


Connected with 50+ Organizations

Reached 500+ Professionals

Impacted 30+ Factories

4 Peer Reviewd Journals Published


Developing Environment Management Systems

Health and safety compliance Assessment

Energy Management in Industries

Greenhouse gas emission Management


Technical Assistance in Better Mill Initiative Project with Solidaridad

Developing Chemical Management System at Fariha Knit Tex Ltd.

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Email: info@estexbd.com

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