Managing and Selecting ETP for Industries

Course Overview:

The Basic Training on Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) focuses on equipping participants with essential knowledge and skills in the selection, management, and monitoring of ETPs. Effluent Treatment Plants play a critical role in ensuring environmental sustainability by treating industrial wastewater before discharge. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the key aspects involved in ETP operations, enabling participants to contribute to effective environmental management practices.

Key Learning Objectives:

Selection of ETPs:
– Understanding the factors influencing the choice of ETPs based on industry type and effluent characteristics.
– Evaluating different treatment technologies and selecting the most suitable option for specific applications.

Managing ETPs:
– Overview of ETP components, their functions, and the overall treatment process.
– Best practices in ETP operation and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.
– Regulatory compliance and legal considerations related to ETP management.

Monitoring ETP Performance:
– Implementing monitoring strategies for assessing the effectiveness of ETPs.
– Interpretation of key performance indicators and troubleshooting common issues.
– Regular inspections and audits to maintain environmental standards and compliance.

Course Format:

The training program incorporates a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge, practical case studies, and hands-on exercises. Participants will engage in discussions, problem-solving scenarios, and real-world applications to reinforce their understanding of ETP selection, management, and monitoring.

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for professionals and stakeholders involved in environmental management, including:
– Environmental Engineers
– Plant Managers
– Regulatory Compliance Officers
– Health and Safety Officers
– Process Engineers

Benefits of the Course:

Upon completion of the Basic Training on ETP, participants will gain:
– In-depth knowledge of ETP selection criteria and technology options.
– Practical skills in managing and maintaining ETPs for optimal performance.
– The ability to monitor ETP performance, interpret data, and implement corrective measures.
– Enhanced awareness of environmental regulations and compliance requirements.

Join us for this comprehensive training program to acquire the expertise needed to contribute to sustainable industrial practices through effective ETP selection, management, and monitoring.

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Engr. Masud Rana Shahin

Engr. Masud Rana Shahin

General Manager, Waste 3R Engineering & Solutions Ltd.

Fatema Tuz Zohra


Deputy Manager, Waste 3R Engineering & Solutions Ltd.

Course Fee: 6000 Taka

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